Bazaar Boutique is a niche store with focus on quality, natural materials and the good customer experience. We value our customers and strive for exellent service
— Ida Maria Storalm

The Idea

Ida Maria Storalm and her mother Margot Storalm has 8 & 20 years of experience in the fashion & clothing industry.

Bazaar Boutique is a family business, presenting everything we like about a real "boutique".  Good quality, natural materials, and a good fitting are key word in our store.

We want to provide and assist our customers to lift their wardrobe by making good choices. In our store you will get personal and effortless service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exellent customer service, with a warm and friendly approach. 

The Store

Bazaar Boutique is a small niche store located in the middle of Stavanger city centre. It is an exclusive store with a warm atmosphere and good customer service. In our store you are very welcome for a the good customer experience.